I am making my first post to this new Blog.  I wanted this to be a daily journey that I would love to share with those who are open to adventure, risking change and asking questions that sometimes do not have definitive answers.  What I discover each and every day sometimes throws me for a loop but life is like that and it is always met, eventually with a an amazing new opportunity to grow spiritually.  It is so easy, or so it seems to aware and to focus on what is not going right in the world or what appears to set the world stage on its axis.  I have decided to practice something I have often asked of people that I work with…Why?  It works is why.  I am going to begin writing a nightly gratitude list..yes I said gratitude folks…I admit at times I forget to be grateful.  Then, I speak with a dear friend who is fighting unknown health issues and praying it is not cancer coming back…another friend who has gone through a triple bypass surgery but is having to painfully observe his spouse drinking again…but what I am grateful for is that I have gratitude today and that tomorrow I get to give a dear friend his 30 day medallion for his recovery…God is good….Gratitude is definitely not over rated.