Today was a day full of heartbreak and loss.   I am an animal lover and anyone who knows me is familiar with my treating my pets as family.   I can remember as far back as being a teenager and not being able to express my deepest pain or fears to anyone except my dog, Pepe our white french poodle who slept in my bed, on my pillow every night. This might not seem strange to some but he was a standard and weighed about 70 pounds.

Over the past few years, 25 or so I have had numerous warm and fuzzy rescue pets come through my front door and it is never easy when they pass.  The pain of their passing is as real and intense as any human being I have lost in my life time.   But, for me believe it or not they have often been tougher.  I have always felt a special closeness or bond to my pets and I have learned so much from our relationships.

So, when they are taken, abruptly, they leave a hole in my heart that feels bottomless.  I am often left wondering why and that it is not fair to love so much only to feel what can only be described as abandoned when they are no longer with me.  Luckily for me, I am surrounded by like minded people who love their animals as much if not more than me.  Every once in awhile I am blessed to meet a fellow traveler on the spiritual path I have been led to in the form of an amazing animal.  Today, one such gentle, wise, loving and special little girl passed today and her name was Chloe.

My friend and I spoke today about her having had as important and noble a purpose as each of us have found for ourselves.   She had been the closest example of unconditional love and acceptance my friend has known.  She was accepting of all of her mama’s moods, both good and bad as well as willing to travel across country if that is where their journey took them.  She brought my friend back to Arizona, her home, where she has a fellowship of family excited to see her back.  Chloe, perhaps was part of the plan to bring you back my friend and she returned home as well to God, to a place where she can run, play, sleep and eat all the cat nip she wants.  She’s earned it.  The road was long and ardous at times but she walked it with you, with dignity, grace and love.

If I could hold your heart and take away the pain of loss, I would.  But as I have learned from my “furry babies”,  loss is as part of life a love. We cannot have one without the other.  I would not want to have missed out on any of the love….its far too precious.