I can hear the roar of the rain pouring down outside and I am startled by the loud cry of the thunder that surrounds me now on this night of new experiences.  There was a time in my life when the thought, the idea of even feeling would have been unthinkable and today i am often brought to tears of connection of a daily basis by another human being’s life experience.  What a gift I have been given and I wish I could gift this to people whom I see every day so angry, so shut down, so full of fear.   Tonight a woman walked out of a workshop that probably would have changed her life and she left because she was so angry that people
were talking and she could not hear well enough.  She walked out on her spiritual experience that will have to wait another day to transpire.

There has never been a day that I have not walked into this place, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, SWIHA, to those of us who connect to it as a home for our souls and our spirits.  I still struggle carrying that feeling of absolute “joy” that  I feel when I am here and I cannot stop smiling because I am surrounded here by such genuineness and love.  Its just like going to a retreat and wanting to soak up all the great energy and vibes that are presented, shared and embraced by all of the attendees.  I want to be able to take this home with me and roll around it in, absorb it into my DNA and bring this to others who share the same
desire to grow spiritually.

But, alas this has been a rare occurrence for me until this morning while working with a client who is struggling to find balance, silence from the mental chatter, and a desire to know herself .    It occurred to me that I am connected to that place of Knowing, Life Purpose and Spiritual guidance today.  I know instinctively how to connect and to re connect when I am needing a boost of  genuine humility and kindness in my heart and spirit.  My Knowing is to follow the path that has been laid out for me and to walk it with purpose and  gratitude.