I felt so peaceful yesterday..if felt odd and yet amazingly beautiful.  I had this new experience of total joy and gratitude for my life – exactly as it is today.  In a precious moment that I stopped to take notice of and it was a great practice of meditation that has led me to this moment in time.  I need…crave…deserve this time every single day to be in gratitude, relaxed, calm, focused, centered…..joyful.  

In this practice…I am trusting God to direct my life.   Today feels like a grand opportunity to be able to do something for others…its what truly gives me happiness.  All of my efforts in life are spiritual in their substantive value as well as inspired by that which is all about spirituality – Life.

In order to best transmit this work to another human being is to me, the gift or blessing I have been given, gifted maybe, in order to re introduce them to their inherent value, goodness after the world has stripped them of their remembering that their mission here on Earth is one of goodness and hope.  Be the light in the darkness that often comes with a childhood filled with, for some, drug addiction, alcoholism, abuse, poverty, abandonment or unresolved grief.

I encourage others to compose their “own book of moments”,  positive experiences, to warm yourself with in times of your own despair or darkness, if you are to make a difference in the lives of others.  You must, you must immerse yourself in self care to continue to do so…the World needs you.



Pamela White

Meditation Teacher – Aspire Coaching

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