The Moment is now…Being Present

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I felt so peaceful yesterday..if felt odd and yet amazingly beautiful.  I had this new experience of total joy and gratitude for my life - exactly as it is today.  In a precious moment that I stopped to take notice of and it was a great practice of meditation that has led me to this [...]

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Listening to my Inner Knowing

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I can hear the roar of the rain pouring down outside and I am startled by the loud cry of the thunder that surrounds me now on this night of new experiences.  There was a time in my life when the thought, the idea of even feeling would have been unthinkable and today i am [...]

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Why does this feel so strange?

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I am trying to put into words what I am feeling today.  Its something vaguely familiar to me but also strangely uncomfortable.  I have heard people talk about it and others declare their active pursuit of it.    I cannot remember a single time in my life, from the time I was a little girl growing up [...]

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Walking the Road

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I have to be honest and say that I liked to look good to other people and there are times that I am not sure I am in a place that would have me fit for "public consumption."    But I am getting better.  I used to literally walk around my house, no one home, no [...]

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I am still a work in progress

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I woke up this morning just not wanting to get out of bed.  Usually I am looking forward to my first cup of coffee for the day and then heading to my women's meeting but today I just had this lingering feeling that it was not going to live up to my usual expectations.  So, [...]

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Giving Thanks on a Daily Basis

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One of the things that bothers me (and there are several), is the way that the retail people have literally hijacked Thanksgiving as they leap frog over it, most of the time a and fast forward to Christmas.  I have to see my part in this because I along, ( believe) with many others have [...]

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Healing a Broken Heart

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Today was a day full of heartbreak and loss.   I am an animal lover and anyone who knows me is familiar with my treating my pets as family.   I can remember as far back as being a teenager and not being able to express my deepest pain or fears to anyone except my dog, Pepe [...]

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First Post!

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I am making my first post to this new Blog.  I wanted this to be a daily journey that I would love to share with those who are open to adventure, risking change and asking questions that sometimes do not have definitive answers.  What I discover each and every day sometimes throws me for a [...]

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