I contacted Pam White of Aspire Hypnotherapy to see if she could help me to quit a 45 year, 3 pack a day smoking habit. In just two sessions, I literally stopped smoking completely. She also helped me with finding healthier ways to deal with stress in my life and its been ONE YEAR SMOKE FREE! Thanks so much Pam
Karen, A., Mesa AZ
I was referred to Pam White of Aspire by a friend who she she helped to quit smoking. She met with me and we initially about whether I had a quit date, when I smoked several other personal pieces of my story that she used to create a script for the session. I am smoke free for the first time in years. She is professional and so easy to work with. Thanks Pam you changed my Life.
Susan B., Tempe, AZ
I contacted Pam at Aspire to try and get help with my Addiction to Alcohol. Her intake was thorough and she
Advised me that she required her clients to also attend a Group of some sort for support. We agreed to meet one Saturday afternoon and we had our first session. Today I celebrated 1 year sober and I am so grateful. Thanks Aspire and Pam White for what you do.
Steve M., Chandler, AZ.
Aspire Coaching and Pam White you have worked a miracle. I had the worst anxiety and I could not sleep at night. We met, talked and I put myself in your very capable hands. The Hypnotherapy was amazing and the follow up Coaching was so helpful.
Carol B., Tempe AZ
Coaching the subconscious mind sounded strange to me at first but after struggling for so long with Sobriety I sought you out as a last resort to giving up. Your technique was superb and I am living proof that it works. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you.
Lydia T., Mesa, AZ.
Pam White, the techniques you shared with me during our Sessions have made my life more than bearable but a joy. I am forever grateful for you. You Rock! No more anxiety…..wow.
Susanne G., Chandler, AZ
It worked! I almost cannot believe it but you told me it would. I am no longer relapsing every 6 months on Alcohol. Hypnotherapy works….Thanks so much.
Michael W., Tempe, AZ
Pam White and Aspire you have given me a new lease on life!!! Smoke Free two years now!!!
Marilyn, Z., Mesa, AZ.
I tried everything to rid myself of this Addiction to Sugar, so I could lose weight and live healthy again. I contacted Pam White and she had an amazing plan. We cleared this with my primary care doctor and then I did the Program she created. The Hypnotherapy was so incredible and I have lost the 20 lbs I have tried for years to lose. Pam I am running my first marathon!!
Bob J., Tempe, AZ
Pam White you are so amazing. I had chronic pain my entire life and it led me to become addicted to pain medication. After your referring me to a medical detox, we then met, while I was in treatment and created a plan for me to deal with the chronic pain. You created an individualized hypnotherapy and guided imagery visualizations and my pain was cut by 50%. I feel so empowered and best of all I do not need pain medication anymore. Thank you! Thank you!
Amy R., Phoenix, AZ.