Life Coaching is an opportunity for Self Examination, to Create Vision for your Life. Find your Life’s Purpose.

Life CoachingLIFE COACHING is focused one-on-one coaching tailored specifically on the clients most important goals, interests, challenges and needs. Coaching follows a standard process but customized to each individual client. Because the coach is working one-on-one with the client, personal coaching sessions are much more focused and tailored for each client when compared to group coaching sessions with multiple clients.

The Coaching Process The process begins by clarifying what the client is looking for from coaching. This may involve using assessments, asking questions and helping the client get in touch with what they really want and identify specific goals, objectives and priorities.

An important principle in Life Coaching is that clients are ultimately responsible for their actions and doing the work to achieve the results they want. The Coach serves as a facilitator, supporter, or guide, but doesn’t “do the work” for the client.

After helping the client get clear about what they want and what is most important to them, the Coach helps the client develop strategies and action plans to achieve those goals.

Once a solid plan is in place, the Coach supports, encourages and guides the client in taking the actions necessary to implement their plans and achieve their goals. Life Coaching can be particularly valuable in helping clients take action and overcome challenges.

Life Coaching provides the motivation, accountability, and support structures, to help clients executive and perform their best. This may include monitoring progress and having regular “check in” sessions to deal with obstacles and challenges that come up along the way.

Coaching can also help clients develop new skills, see from new perspectives and gain the knowledge and insights needed to empower and help them achieve their goals.